Malacopterygii sub-brachiales

Malacopterygii sub-brachiales  (Sub-brachial soft fin).

The brachial Malacopterygii include most of the Flat Fish; as the Turbot, Plaice, Sole, &c. (fig. 40). The Turbot, and Halibut are caught out in the deep waters, but the Plaice and Flounders, chiefly in shallows; these fish have one side dark and the other light, and both eyes are placed on the dark side; they always swim with this side upwards; in the Turbot this is the left, while in Plaice it is the right  side. The Cod (fig. 40) is also included in this order; it is a large fish, often weighing forty or fifty pounds, and three or four feet long; it is chiefly caught in northern regions, the banks of Newfoundland being the most celebrated for its Cod fisheries, and supply the London market. These fish are caught by a long line and hook let down to a great depth.

FIG. 40.—1, TURBOT (Rhombus maximus). 2, SOLE (Solea vulgaris). 3, PLAICE (Platessa communis). 4, COD (Gadus morrhua).