C'est un manant = He is a coarse, ill-educated boor.

[From manens = one remaining fixed to the soil, a villein, serf.]

Manche (m.)

Il branle dans le manche (or, au manche ) = He is no longer firmly established in his post; He is irresolute.

Jeter le manche après la cognée = To throw the rope after the bucket; To give up in despair.

Manche (f.)

Je ne me ferai pas tirer par la manche = I shall not require much pressing.

C'est une autre paire de manches = That is quite another thing; That is a horse of another colour, another pair of shoes.

J'ai gagné la première manche = I won the first game (out of two or more).

Je l'ai dans ma manche = I have him at my disposal.