March 22

March 22, 1864

Tuesday. Oats kept coming on board all day, and by the sound all night as well. The Errickson came up and unloaded two regiments of colored troops at night.

The wind has blown furiously from the southeast all day. It's by far the most disagreeable day of the winter; commenced snowing about 5 p. m. and now at 11 p. m. there is eight inches on a level. My application to go before General Silas Casey's board for examination for a field office in colored troops has not been returned yet; shall put in another to-morrow.

March Twenty-Second

Father Tabb's discernment was clear and touched by the purest fragrance of the muses. To Shelley, Coleridge, and Keats he was devoted. Poe he regarded as without a peer in modern literature, and was his uncompromising, inflexible champion.

Henry E. Shepherd


John Banister Tabb born, 1845