n. One of the sauces which serve the French in place of a state religion.

Captain Edward A. Salisbury

A Mayonnaise and A Salad Dressing

Take yolks of two eggs, beat well and add slowly (drop at a time) olive oil. If your mixture is too thick lighten with dash of lemon or vinegar.

Now into a half pint of this mayonnaise put three tablespoons of Chili sauce; three tablespoons of Blue Label Ketchup; one tablespoon of finely chopped pimento; one tablespoon of finely chopped blanched sweet peppers.

To this add one-half teaspoon of salt—pepper and Hungarian paprika to taste.

Then add, slowly, Tarragon vinegar to taste—say about one and one-half tablespoons.

Serve this on shrimps, lobster, lettuce or tomato salad.