Of Medlers

To Preserve Medlers

Take the fairest Medlers  you can get, but let them not be too ripe, then set on faire water on the fire, and when it boyleth put in your Medlers, and let them boyle till they be somewhat soft, then while they are hot pill them, cut off their crowns, and take out their stones, then take to every pound of Medlers, three quarters of a pound of sugar, and a quarter of a pint of Rose water, seeth your Syrupe, scumming it clean, then put in your Medlers  one by one, the stalks downward, when your Syrupe is somewhat coole then set them on the fire againe, let them boyle softly till the Syrupe be enough, then put in a few Cloves  and a little Cinamon, and so putting them up in pots reserve them for your use.


To make a Tart of Medlers

Take Medlers  that be rotten, and stamp them, and set them upon a chafin dish with coales, and beat in two yolks of Eggs, boyling till it be somewhat thick, then season it with Sugar, Cinamon, and Ginger, and lay it in paste.