metatarsalgia. Pain in the metatarsus.

Metatarsalgia—Morton's Disease. Metatarsalgia is characterized by an acute pain, cramplike in character, occurring at the base of the third or fourth toes.

The pain comes on suddenly while the foot is in action, and is usually accompanied by a “snapping of the bones.” The pain is so acute that it is not uncommon for the patient to seek relief by taking off the shoe and rubbing the foot.

In persons suffering with this condition it will be regularly noticed that the weight is thrown upon the ball of the foot, on the metatarsophalangeal joints, either because of a weak foot, or because of a tendency of the toes to turn up.

Treatment. 1. Proper strapping to raise the arch and bring the ends of the toes down.

2. A pad across the ball of the foot behind  the metatarsal heads, also brings the toes down.

3. Recommend shoes, wide across the ball, with a higher or lower heel than ordinary, as the case indicates.