Methodist Association

METHODIST ASSOCIATION. In 1834 a controversy arose among the Methodists as to the propriety of establishing a Wesleyan Theological Institution; and a minister who disapproved of such a measure, and prepared and published some remarks against it, was expelled from the Connexion. Sympathizers with him were in like manner expelled. Hence the formation of the Methodist Association, which differs from the parent Society in a few particulars of Church government. This Society is now joined with the Wesleyan Reform Association, and with the Protestant Methodists, the union being effected in 1857. The amalgamation is known by the name of "The United Methodist Free Churches." They number—

  Ministers. 377
  Lay Preachers. 3,134
  Members. 66,297
  Sunday Scholars 8,599
  On Probation. 1,233
  Chapels. 186,254