"Wolverine or Lake State."

Name of Indian origin, signifying Lake country.

First white settlement within limits of State, Sault Ste. Marie, 1668; organized as Territory, 1805; admitted 1837.

Area, 58,915 square miles; length of lower peninsula, from north to south, 277 miles; greatest breadth, 259 miles. Length of upper peninsula, east to west, 318 miles; width, 30 to 164 miles. Length lake shoreline, 1,620 miles. Number counties, 82.

Temperature at Detroit, winter, 24° to 36°; summer, 67° to 72°: rainfall, 30 inches.

Detroit the metropolis; pop., 133,269. Grand Rapids, manufacturing city; pop., 41,934. Lansing, the capital; pop., 9,776. Pop. Bay City, 29,413; East Saginaw, 29,100; Jackson, 19,136; Muskegon, 17,845; Saginaw, 13,767. Detroit, Marquette, Port Huron and Grand Haven are ports of entry.

Number farms, 154,008. Value per acre, cleared land, $34.39; woodland, $20.27. Corn crop, 1884, 26,022,000 bu.; wheat, 29,772,000 bu.; oats, 19,990,000 bu. Fruit raising an important industry.

Copper mines in Houghton, Ontonagon, and Keweenaw counties; valuable iron ores in Marquette and Delta counties; coal in Shiawassee, Eaton, Ingham and Jackson counties. Salt manufactured in year ending November 30, 1884, 3,252,175 barrels.

Salaries of State Officers.
Governor $1,000
Lieut. Gov.$3 a day
Sec'y of State 800
Treasurer 1,000
Auditor Gen.2,000
Supt. Pub. Inst'n 1,000
Adjutant Gen.1,000
Secy Bd. Agr.1,500
Insur. Com'r.2,000
R. R. Com'r.2,500
Immig. Com'r.2,000
Chief Justice 4,000
$3 a day and
10c per mile
2 Dist. Judges 3,500
Pension Agt.4,000
4 Colls. Int. Revenue 3,875 to 2,625
Chart of Lumber Production by State - headed by Michigan
Presidential P. O.
Adrian $2,400
Ann Arbor 2,600
Battle Creek 2,600
Bay City 2,700
Big Rapids 2,300
Detroit 3,700
East Saginaw 2,700
Flint 2,400
Grand Rapids 3,200
Jackson 2,700
Kalamazoo 2,700
Lansing 2,700
Marshall 2,300
Muskegon 2,500
Port Huron 2,400
Saginaw 2,300
52 P.O.$2,200 to 1,500
38 P.O.1,400 to 1,100
9 P.O.1,000

Ranks first in copper, lumber and salt; second in iron ore; third in buckwheat; fifth in sheep, hops and potatoes; sixth in wheat and barley; seventh in agricultural implements; eighth in miles railway; ninth in oats.

Grand Haven, Au Sable and Detroit are centres of valuable fishing interests; principal catch is trout and whitefish.

Population, 1,843,369: male, 958,551; female, 884,818; native, 1,419,395; foreign, 423,974; white, 1,817,562; colored, 17,548; Indians, 8,259.

State, congressional and presidential elections, Tuesday after first Monday in November; number Senators, 32; Representatives, 100; sessions of legislature biennial, in odd-numbered years, meeting first Wednesday in January; limit of session, none; terms of Senators and Representatives, 2 years each.

Number electoral votes, 13; number voters, 467,687. Duelists are excluded from voting.

Number colleges, 9; efficient public schools; school age, 5-20.

Legal interest, 7; by contract, 10; usury forfeits excess of interest.

Map of Michigan