The Minster

Copied, by permission, from "Good Words."

S tone upon stone!Each in its place,
For strength and for grace,
Rises stone upon stone!

Like a cluster of rods,
Bound with leaf-garlands tender,
The great massive pillars
Rise stately and slender;
Rise and bend and embrace
Until each owns a brother,
As down the long aisles
They stand linked to each other;
While a rod of each cluster
Rises higher and higher
Breaking up in the shadow,
Like clouds that aspire.
While here in the midst,
'Neath the great central tower,
The strength and the unity
Mingle in power,
And the mystery greatens:
Nowhere in the place
Can the eye see the whole,
Or the sun light the space.
And here the gloom gathers,
And deepens to dense,
While yonder the white light
Breaks sharp and intense.

Unity! Mystery!
Majesty! Grace!
Stone upon stone,
And each stone in its place.