prefix (of F. origin) —see Mes-
prefixVariants: mys-, mysse-Etymology: Anglo-Saxon mis-; Gothic missa-. Comb. : misbileue, suspicion 3; misboden, injured ; misdede, misdeed ; misdeparten, to divide amiss, C2; misdo, to do amiss , S2, C2; misfaren, to behave amiss mysfare, to miscarry ; misgouernaunce, misconduct, C2; misgyed, misguided, C2; mys-happen, to meet with misfortune ; myshopand, despairing, misleuen, to believe wrongly misliken, to displease, to be displeased 2; misliking, displeasure, S2; myspay, to displease, misrede, to advise ill misrempe, to go wide of the mark mysreule, to misgovern, S3 ; myssayde, abused, rebuked, slandered ; misseid, S2; missemand, misemand, unseemly, misteoðien, to mistithe (mis-iteoðeget, S); mistriste, to mistrust, C3; mysturne, to pervert, W2.