A silly fellow. A dupe. To stand mouth; i.e. to be duped.

n. In man, the gateway to the soul; in woman, the outlet of the heart.

sb. mouth, faceVariants: muð, mudh, Comb.: muð-freo, mouth-freeEtymology: Anglo-Saxon múð : Gothic munths; cp. Old High German mund (Otfrid);
A noisy fellow. Mouth half cocked; one gaping and staring at every thing he sees. To make any one laugh on the wrong, or t'other side of his mouth; to make him cry or grieve.

Tobacco and the Mouth

The saliva in the mouth helps to prepare the food, before it goes into the stomach. Tobacco makes the mouth very dry, and more saliva has to flow out to moisten it.

But tobacco juice is mixed with the saliva, and that must not be swallowed. It must be spit out, and with it is sent the saliva that was needed to help prepare the food.

Tobacco discolors the teeth, makes bad sores in the mouth, and often causes a disease of the throat.

You can tell where some people have been, by the neatness and comfort they leave after them.

You can tell where the tobacco-user has been, by the dirty floor, and street, and the air made unfit to breathe, because of the smoke and strong, bad smell of old tobacco from his pipe and cigar and from his breath and clothes.