A colonial possession of Portugal on the east coast of Africa. Area, 38,000 square miles. A few settlements and military posts exercise feeble authority over the inhabitants. The climate is genial, and the soil capable of producing wheat, maize, tobacco, cotton and sugar cane. The chief towns are: St. Sebastian (pop., 1,510), Ibo (pop. about 2,000), Sofala (pop. 2,000), and St. Thiajo Major. The forests abound in valuable timber trees; pearl fisheries are important, and the mineral deposits are of exceptional value. The gold mines of Mauica are supposed to be the richest in East Africa. Ivory is obtained in large quantities for the Indian market; annual value about $350,000. Other exports are India rubber, gums, oil, beeswax and corn. Shipping trade is carried on by about 400 vessels. The capital is Mozambique.