Musk rose


The Musk Rose grows naturally in Persia and other Eastern countries, where it attains the height of a small tree, and is doubtless the rose which has been celebrated by Eastern poets. It is also found in India, where it is probably the species used for making attar. In this latitude it is quite hardy, and we have a plant of the old White Musk in our grounds, that has braved the severity of more than twenty winters. It has made in one season shoots more than six feet long, and in our Southern States, more than double the growth would probably be obtained. The blossoms appear in clusters, and commencing later than any other rose, continue abundant throughout the season. The Old White Cluster has been widely distributed throughout the country, and is deservedly a favorite. The best two varieties, however, are the following:

Eponine.—A cupped and very double variety, with the peculiar musk fragrance. It is pure white, and a very pretty rose.

Princess of Nassau.—A luxuriant growing and very fragrant variety, and would make a good pillar rose. It blooms in large clusters of cupped flowers, changing from yellow to cream color as they open.