Nickel  is found in the ores pyrrhotite and garnierites, mined in largest amount in New Caledonia and Canada. Norway produces other ores.

Garnierite  (a silicate of nickel and magnesium) is the common ore. Magnetic iron pyrite (pyrrhotite ) often carries several per cent of nickel. Sulphides and other compounds occur. German silver  contains nickel, copper and zinc. It enters into other alloys.

France and Germany refine nickel from imported ore, chiefly from New Caledonia. Nickel steel, being especially hard and tough is used for armor plate, special machinery and wire rope. Nickel is extensively used for cheap electro plating.

Nickel and nickel oxide are exported to Holland and England from the United States and ores and matte are imported from Canada.

A metal; one of the elements; atomic weight, 58.8 ; equivalent, 29.4; valency, 2; specific gravity, 8.8. It is a conductor of electricity.
   Relative resistance, annealed (Silver = 1),   8.285
  Specific Resistance,                        12.47   microhms.
  Resistance of a wire
  (a) 1 foot long, weighing1 grain,      15.206   ohms.
  (b) 1 foot long, 1/1000inch thick,     74.963    "
  (c) 1 meter long, weighing1 gram,       1.060    "
  (d) 1 meter long, 1millimeter thick,     .1587   "
  Resistance of a 1-inchcube,            4.907   microhms.
  Electro-chemicalequivalent, (Hydrogen = .0105)   .3087   mgs.

It is strongly paramagnetic, but loses this quality at 350º C.(662º F.)

It is important as a constituent of German silver, an alloy much used for resistance coils.