Norwich Slang

7 terms


a blackened eye.—Norwich. Also a hard blow in the eye. blinkers , spectacles.


splendid, delicious, luscious.—Norwich.


 a cant term for stolen yarn, from the expression used to apprize the dishonest shopkeeper that the speaker had stolen yarn to sell.—Norwich Cant.


the stomach,—properly, an earthen round-bottomed pot—Norwich.


or ralph , a pawnbroker's duplicate.—Norwich.


A farthing.
a bank-note.

rag . Compare CHEW THE RAG.

Bank notes. Money in general. The cove has no rag; the fellow has no money.
To rag: To abuse, and tear to rags the characters of the persons abused. She gave him a good ragging, or ragged him off heartily.
to divide or share; “let's rag it ,” or “go rags ,” i.e., share it equally between us.—Norwich.


a small bream, a slimy kind of flat fish.—Norwich.
a term of reproach applied to persons by the vulgar when vexed or annoyed, meaning really a person of the vilest description and meanest capacity. In a Westminster school vocabulary for boys, published in the last century, the term is curiously applied. Its proper meaning is the glandular mucus discharged through the nose.