Nyl Ghau

This animal is a kind of antelope, but is larger than the usual size of the antelope, and not so handsome in form. It stands upwards of four feet in height at the shoulder. It is a powerful and vicious creature, and its temper is not good. When it is about to make an attack, it drops down upon its fore-legs, and then darts quickly forward and gives a blow with its head, which is very dangerous. The hair of the nyl ghau is short and close, and is generally of a slate color in the male, and a tawny red in the female, except in the under parts of the body, which are always white. Its fore-legs are longer than its hinder-legs, and it has the appearance of having a small lump at its shoulder. It is usually found in the forests of India, where it becomes the prey of the tigers and wild boars. The cut below shows how the nyl ghau defends himself when attacked.

nyl ghau