Nymphaceæ (Nymphæa alba) White Water-Lily.
(Nuphar luteum) Yellow Water-Lily.

This order contains water plants of great beauty, they grow in the mud at the bottom of the water, sending up long flower- and leaf-stalks so that the flowers may blossom in the air and the leaves float on the surface; the leaves are generally round and turned up slightly at the edges. The "Victoria Regia" is a magnificent specimen of this order; it originally came from Brazil, and has flowers a foot wide, leaves four or five feet across, and is sufficiently buoyant, it is said, to bear the weight of a child. The Lotus of the Nile, the blossom of which so frequently occurs on the carvings of the Egyptians as an offering to Isis, is another member of this order.

White Water-Lily.