Painful heel

Painful Heel. Painful heel is a suggestive but unscientific term applied to tenderness of the under side of the heel. It is associated with one of the following conditions:

1. Spurs running out from the under side of the os calcis found by the aid of the X-ray.

2. Inflammation of the bursae under the os calcis.

3. Flat foot.

4. Gonorrhœa.

5. Focal infection.

Treatment. Where a spur of bone causes the unpleasant symptoms, the excrescence should be excised.

When focal infections are the primary cause of painful heel, operative procedure to remove the source of infection is imperative and will prove curative.

Palliative measures are: massage, douches, hot air, a metal plate worn under the painful area, rest. The back of the foot should be cut away to relieve pressure.