Pegasos , the winged steed of Bellerophon, and the monster Chimaera  which he slew, also appear as decorative figures; and the former draws the chariots of Apollo and of a woman, and also appears as a constellation with the moon and stars. A human-headed monster attacked by a hero seems to have been suggested by the Chimaera on a companion vase. The Minotaur  is generally seen in connection with Theseus, but also appears as a single or decorative figure, and one vase appears to represent the youthful monster in his mother's lap. Other monsters found occasionally on vases are Skylla , who appears, not in connection with the story of Odysseus, but with those of Perseus and Andromeda, and Phrixos and Helle, or as a single figure; and Lamia , a vampire or ogress in the form of a hideous old woman, who is seen undergoing torture from Satyrs, and in another unexplained scene. Another type of monster, the serpent-footed giant Typhon , has already been mentioned. Yet another and a unique type is that of the Nymphs with serpent bodies which protect vines from the attacks of goats.