Peruvian bark

 Peruvian Bark

Bark, or, as it is commonly called, Peruvian bark, is an antispasmodic, tonic, astringent, and stomachic.

Used externally , it is an excellent detergent for foul ulcers, and those that heal slowly.

Used internally , it is particularly valuable in intermittent fever or ague, malignant measles, dysentery, diarrhœa, intermittent rheumatism, St. Vitus's dance, indigestion, nervous affections, malignant sore throat, and erysipelas; its use being indicated in all cases of debility.

Doses of its preparations .—Powder , from five grains to two drachms, mixed in wine, water, milk, syrup, or solution of liquorice;infusion , from one to three ounces; decoction , from one to three ounces; tincture  and compound tincture , each from one to three drachms.

Caution .—If it causes oppression at the stomach, combine it with an aromatic; if it causes vomiting, give it in wine or soda water; if it purges, give opium; and if it constipates give rhubarb.