Phrixus  (frix ´us ).—Son of Athamas and Nephele. Athamas having neglected Nephele (nef ´el-ë), and married Ino, the latter persuaded him to sacrifice Nephele's son Phrixus to Jupiter. Nephele, however, enabled her two children, Phrixus and Helle, to escape by means of a ram with golden fleece, the gift of Mercury, which carried them through the air. Helle fell into the sea (see “Helle”), but Phrixus arrived safely in Colchis, the kingdom of Æëtes (q.v.). Here he sacrificed the ram to Jupiter, and gave its golden fleece to Æëtes, who suspended it to an oak tree in the grove of Mars. To fetch this golden fleece the famous expedition of the Argonauts (see “Argonautæ”) was undertaken.