J'ai fait cela de toutes pièces = I have done that entirely (i.e. every part of it).

Je lui ai donné la pièce = I gave him a trifle, tip.

C'est la pièce de résistance = It is the principal dish (of a meal).

a contemptuous term for a woman; a strumpet.—Shakspeare. Not always objectionable nowadays. A “barber's clerk” does not object to hear his sweetheart or wife called “a nice piece ;” and gentlemen of the counter-jumping fraternity describe their “young ladies” as “nice pieces  of goods.”
A wench. A damned good or bad piece; a girl who is more or less active and skilful in the amorous congress. Hence the (CAMBRIDGE) toast, May we never have a PIECE (peace) that will injure the constitution. Piece likewise means at Cambridge a close or spot of ground adjacent to any of the colleges, as Clare-hall Piece, &c. The spot of ground before King's College formerly belonged to Clare-hall. While Clare Piece belonged to King's, the master of Clare-hall proposed a swop, which being refused by the provost of King's, he erected before their gates a temple of CLOACINA. It will be unnecessary to say that his arguments were soon acceded to.