Polka waltz

 Polka Waltzes

The couples take hold of hands as in the usual waltz. 

First Waltz. The gentleman hops the left foot well forward, then hack; and glissades  half round. He then hops the right foot forward and back, and glissades  the other half round. The lady performs the same steps, beginning with the right foot. 

Second. The gentleman, hopping, strikes the left heel three times against the right heel, and then jumps half round on the left foot; he then strikes the right heel three times against the left, and jumps on the right foot, completing the circle. The lady does the same steps with reverse feet. 

Third. The gentleman raises up the left foot, steps it lightly on the ground forward, then strikes the right heel smartly twice, and glissades  half round. The same is then done with the other foot. The lady begins with the right foot.