Polyantha rose


A distinct species of Rose (Rosa polyantha ) was introduced from Japan several years ago. This is distinguished by having numerous very small flowers, borne in panicled clusters. In the hands of the French cultivators, it has produced what promises to be a distinct and popular class, of which the following are regarded as the best. They are probably hybrids, as they remontant, while the original species blooms but once. The English often call them “Daisy Roses.”

Anne Marie de Montravel.—Small, an inch and a half in diameter, very double; pure white; lasts a long while in perfection; moderately fragrant. Jean Sisley writes: “Each truss will make in itself a splendid bouquet.” Dwarf, but vigorous.

M'lle. Cécile Brünner.—Very small, full; fine salmon-pink; highly fragrant; moderate or dwarf; flowers freely. Obtained by crossing with a Tea.

Mignonette.—Very small, double; in clusters of thirty or forty; rose-color, changing to blush.

Paquerette.—Fine form, full, only an inch in diameter; pure white; growth moderate.

Perle d'Or.—Nankeen yellow, with orange centres; small and full, very beautiful; flowers very numerous and of good shape.

Princesse Wilhelmine des Pays Bas.—Pure white, imbricated, very sweet.