Accent is a particular stress or force of the voice upon certain syllables or words. This mark ' in printing denotes the syllable upon which the stress or force of the voice should he placed. 

There are 9,000 Cells in a Square Foot of Honeycomb.


The comma ,denotes the shortest pause
the semi-colon ;a little longer pause than the comma
the colon :a little longer pause than the semicolon
The period .or full point, the longest pause.

 The Relative Duration 

of these pauses is described as:

Comma while you count One
Semicolon while you count Two
Colon while you count Three
Period while you count Four

This, however, is not an infallible rule, because the duration of the pauses should be regulated by the degree of rapidity with which the matter is being read. In slow reading the duration of the pauses should be increased. 

 Proper Pronunciations of Words often Wrongly Pronounced.

Again usually pronounced a-gen, not as spelled.
Alien á-li-en not ale-yen.
Antipodes an-tip -o-dees.
Apostle as a-pos'l, without the t.
Arch-artch  in compounds of our own language, as in archbishop, archduke; but ark  in words derived from the Greek, as archaic, ar-ka -ik; archaeology, ar-ke-ol -o-gy; archangel, ark-ain -gel; archetype, ar -ke-type; archiepiscopal, ar-ke-e-pis -co-pal; archipelago, ar-ke-pel -a-go; ar-chives, ar -kivz, &c
Asia a -sha.
Asparagus as spelled, not asparagrass.
Aunt ant, not au nt.
Awkward awk-wurd, not awk-urd.
Bade bad
Because be-cawz, not ba-cos
Been bin
Beloved as a verb, be-luvd; as an adjective, be-luv -ed. Blessed, cursed, &c, are subject to the same rule.
Beneath with the th  in breath, not with the th  in breathe.
Bio'graphy as spelled, not beography.
Buoy boy, not bwoy.
Canal'as spelled, not ca-nel.
Caprice capreece
Catch as spelled, not ketch.
Chaos ka -oss.
Charlatan shar -latan.
Chasm kazm
Chasten chasn
Chivalry shiv -alry.
Chemistry kem'-is-tre, not kim -is-tre.
Choir kwire
Clerk klark
Combat kum -bat.
Conduit kun -dit.
Corps kor: the plural corps is pronounced korz.
Covetous cuv -e-tus, not cov-e-tus.
Courteous curt -yus.
Courtesy 1. (politeness), cur -te-sey.
2. (a lowering of the body), curt -sey.
Cresses as spelled, not cree -ses.
Cu'riosity cu-re-os-e-ty, not cur os ity.
Cushion coosh -un, not coosh-in.
Daunt d aw nt, not dant or darnt, as some erroneously pronounce it.
Design and Desist have the sound of s, not of z.
Desire should have the sound of z.
Despatch de-spatch, not dis -patch.
Dew due, not doo.
Diamond as spelled, not di mond.
Diploma de-plo -ma, not dip -lo-ma.
Diplomacy de-plo -ma-cy, not dip -lo-ma-cy.
Direct de-reckt, not di -rect.
Divers (several), di -verz; but diverse (different), di -verse.
Dome as spelled, not doom.
Drought drowt, not drawt.
Duke as spelled, not dook.
Dynasty dyn -as-te, not dy -nas-ty.
Edict e -dickt, not ed -ickt.
E'en and e'er een and air.
Egotism eg -o-tizm, not e -go-tism.
Either e -ther or i -ther.
Engine en -jin, not in -jin.
Ensign en -sign; ensigncy, en -sin-se.
Epistle without the t.
Epitome e-pit -o-me
Epoch e-pock, not ep-ock.
Equinox e-qui-nox, not eck-wi-nox.
Europe U-rope, not U-rup. Euro-pe an not Eu-ro-pean.
Every ev -er-y, not ev -ry.
Executor egz-ec -utor, not with the sound of x.
Extraordinary as spelled, not ex-tror —di-ner-i, or ex -traordinary, nor extrornarey
February as spelled, not Febuary.
Finance fe-nance, not fi nance.
Foundling as spelled, not fond -ling.
Garden gar -dn, not gar-den, nor gard-ing.
Gauntlet gawnt-let, not gant -let.
Geography as spelled, not jo graphy, or gehography.
Geometry as spelled, not jom -etry.
Haunt hawnt, not hant.
Height hite, not highth.
Heinous hay -nuss, not hee -nus.
Highland hi -land, not hee -land.
Horizon ho-ri -zn, not hor -i-zon.
Housewife pronounced in the ordinary way when it means the mistress of a house who is a good manager, but huz -wif, when it means a small case for needles.
Hymeneal hy-men-e-al, not hy-menal.
Instead in-sted, not instid.
Isolate i -so-late; not iz -o-late, nor is -olate.
Jalap jal -ap, not jolup.
January as spelled, not Jenuary nor Janewary.
Leave as spelled, not leaf.
Legend lej -end, not le -gend.
Lieutenant lef-ten -ant, not leu-ten -ant.
Many men -ney, not man-ny.
Marchioness mar -shun-ess, not as spelled.
Massacre mas -sa-ker, not mas-sa-cre.
Mattress as spelled, not mat -trass.
Matron ma -trun, not mat-ron.
Medicine med -e-cin, not med -cin.
Minute 1.   (sixty seconds), min -it.
2.   (small), mi-nute.
Miscellany mis-cel -lany, not mis -cellany.
Mischievous mis -chiv-us, not mis-cheev -us.
Ne'er for never, nare.
Neighbourhood nay -bur-hood, not nay -burwood.
Nephew nev -u, not nef u.
New nu, not noo.
Notable (worthy of notice), no -tu-bl.
Obilge as spelled, not obleege.
Oblique ob-leek, not o-blike.
Odorous o-der-us, not od -ur-us.
Of ov, except when compounded with the here, and where, which should be pronounced here-of, there-of, and where-of.
Off as spelt, not awf.
Organization or -gan-i-za -shun, not or-ga-ne -za-shun.
Ostrich os-tr'ch, not os -tridge.
Pageant paj -ent, not pa -jant.
Parent pare -ent, not par -ent.
Partisan par -te-zan, not par-te-zan, nor par —ti-zan.
Patent pa -tent, not pat -ent.
Physiognomy as fiz -i-og nomy, not phy-sionnomy.
Pincers pin -cerz, not pinch-erz.
Plaintiff as spelled, not plan-tiff.
Pour pore, not so as to rhyme with our.
Precedent (an example), pres -e-dent; pre-ce -dent (going before in point of time, previous, former), is the pronunciation of the adjective.
Prologue pro -log, not prol -og.
Quadrille ka-dril, not quod-ril.
Quay key, not as spelled.
Radish as spelled, not red-ish.
Raillery rail'-er-y, or ral -er y, not as spelled.
Rather rar -ther, not ray-ther.
Resort re-sort.
Resound re-zound.
Respite res -pit, not as spelled.
Rout (a party; and to rout), should be pronounced rowt. 
Route (a road), root.
Saunter saun -ter, not sarn -ter or san -ter.
Sausage saw -sage not sos-sidge, nor sassage.
Schedule shed -ule, not shed-dle.
Seamstress is pronounced seem -stress, but semp-stress, as the word is now commonly spelt, is pronounced sem -stress.
Sewer soo -er or su -er, not shore, nor shure.
Shire as spelled, when uttered as a single word, but shortened into shir in composition.
Shone shon, not shun, nor as spelled.
Soldier sole -jer.
Solecism sol -e-cizm, not sole-cizm.
Soot as spelled, not sut.
Sovereign sov -er-in, not suv-er-in.
Specious spe -shus, not spesh -us.
Stomacher stum -a-cher.
Stone (weight), as spelled, not stun.
Synod sin -od, not sy -nod.
Tenure ten -ure, not te -nure.
Tenet ten -et, not te -net.
Than as spelled, not thun.
Tremor trem -ur, not tre -mor.
Twelfth should have the th sounded.
Umbrella as spelled, not um-ber-el-la.
Vase vaiz or varz, not vawze.
Was woz, not wuz.
Weary weer -i, not w ar y.
Were wer, not ware.
Wont wunt, not as spelled.
Wrath rawth, not rath: as an adjective it is spelled wroth, and pronounced with the vowel sound shorter, as wrath-ful, &c
Yacht yot, not yat.
Yeast as spelled, not yest.
Zenith zen -ith, not ze -nith.
Zodiac zo -de-ak.
Zoology should have both o's sounded,as zo-ol -o-gy, not zoo -lo-gy.

Note .—The tendency of all good elocutionists is to pronounce as nearly in accordance with the spelling as possible.


ace not iss, as furn ace, not furn iss.
age not idge, as cabbage, courage, postage, village.
ain, ane not in, as certain, cert ane, not cert in.
ate not it, as moder ate, not moder it.
ect not ec, as asp ect, not asp ec ; subj ect, not subj ec.
ed not id, or ud, as wicked, not wick i d, or wick u d.
el not l, mod el, not mod l; nov el,not nov l.
en not n, as sudd en, not sudd n.—Burden, burthen, garden, lengthen, seven, strengthen, often, and a few others,have the e silent.
ence not unce, as influ ence, not influ-unce.
es not is, as pleas es, not pleas is.
ile should be pronounced il, as fert il, not fert ile, in all words except chamomile (cam), exile, gentile, infantile, reconcile and senile, which should be pronounce ile.
in not n, as Lat in, not Lat n.
nd not n, as husba nd, not husb an, thous and, not thous an.
ness not n iss, as careful ness, not carefuln iss.
ng not n, as singi ng, not sing in ; speaki ng, not speak in.
ngth not nth, as stre ng th, not stre nth.
son the o  should be silent; as in treason; tre-zn, not tre-son.
tal not tle, as capi tal, not capi tle ; me tal, not met tle ; mor tal, not mor tle ; periodi cal ; not periodi cle.
xt not x, as ne xt, not ne x.

Publication of Banns of Marriage Commenced A.D.1210.