Purgatives are medicines that promote the evacuation of the bowels, such as senna, aloes, jalap, salts. 

 Purgative (Common)

Mix ten grains of calomel, with one drachm of powdered jalap, and twenty grains of sugar.

Dose , one-half of the whole for adults. 

 Common Purgative

Take of powdered jalap and compound extract of colocynth each four grains, of calomel two grains, mix as usual, and divide into two pills.

Dose , one or two occasionally. 

  Strong Purgative

Take of powdered aloes, scammony, and gamboge, each fifteen grains, mix, and add sufficient Venice turpentine to make into a mass, then divide into twelve pills.

Dose , one or two occasionally. 

 Emulsion, Purgative

Rub down six grains of scammony with six drachms of white sugar in a mortar, and gradually add four ounces of almond emulsion, and two drops of oil of cloves.

Dose , as prepared, early in the morning. 


Purgatives never act so well upon persons accustomed to take them as upon those who are not, therefore it is better to change the form of purgative from pill to potion, powder to draught, or aromatic to saline. Purgatives should never be given when there is an irritable state of the bowels. 

 Milder Purgative

Take four grains of powdered scammony and the same quantity of compound extract of colocynth, and two grains of calomel; mix well, and add two drops of oil of cloves, or thin gum-water, to enable the ingredients to combine properly, and divide into two pills.

Dose , one or two when necessary.