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 Rhubarb and Magnesia

Mix one drachm of powdered rhubarb with two drachms of carbonate of magnesia, and half a drachm of ginger.

Dose , from fifteen grains to one drachm. Use as a purgative for children. 


Rhubarb is a purgative, astringent and stomachic.

It is used externally  in the form of powder to ulcers, to promote a healthy action.

It is given internally  in diarrhœa, dyspepsia, and a debilitated state of the bowels. Combined with a mild preparation of calomel, it forms an excellent purgative for children.

Dose, of the infusion, from one to two ounces; of the powder , from one scruple to half a drachm as a purgative, and from six to ten grains as a stomachic; of the tincture  and compound tincture, from one to four drachms; of the compound pill, from ten to twenty grains.