Rosaceæ (Rosa centifolia) Hundred-leaved Rose.
(Fragaria vesca) Wood Strawberry.
(Rubus fruticosus) Bramble.
(Pyrus communis) Pear Tree.

Pear Tree.   Rose.   Strawberry.

This important order yields us our most beautiful flower, the Rose, of which there are a great many varieties, among which the Dog-rose—that beautiful ornament to our hedges—deserves to hold a conspicuous place, also the Sweetbriar or Eglantine. The rose is used in Turkey and Persia for obtaining that most valuable and delicious perfume, "Otto of Roses." It is made by distilling a portion of water from several quantities of fresh roses, until it becomes saturated with the volatile oil. This water is then exposed to the open air, and, in the cool night time, drops of the otto collect on the top, from which it is carefully gathered, and the same water again distilled from a fresh quantity of roses. Besides the Rose tribe, this order contains some of our most valued fruits. The Apple, Pear, and Strawberry belong to it, also the Almond.