Samuel Johnson

Johnson, Samuel. 1705–1773. Dramatist. Author Hurlothrumbo, etc.

Dr. Samuel Johnson

Born 1709.—Died 1784.—Anne.—George I.—George II.—George III.

The son of a bookseller at Lichfield, was a man of immense learning and capacity.  His English Dictionary,EssaysRamblerIdlerRasselas, and Tour to the Hebrides, show his great range of knowledge and powers of mind.  His life has been admirably written by his friend James Boswell.

Johnson, Samuel. 1709–1784. Lexicographer and miscellaneous writer. Author of London, a poetical satire, Rasselas, a didactic novel, Lives of the Poets, Dict. of the Eng. Lang., and numerous other works. His style is heavy and ponderous, but dignified, sonorous, and peculiarly his own. He was the greatest literary figure in England between 1745 and 1784. See Boswell's Life of, edited by J. W. Croker; also Johnson by Leslie Stephen in Eng. Men of Letters. Pub. Har. Le. Lit. Mac.