Sartor resartus

Sartor resartus  (sar ´tor re-sar ´tus ).—The tailor patched. The title of Carlyle's well-known work.
Sartor Resartus  (sär ´tor rē-sär ´tus ), (i. e.The Tailor Patched ).—The title of an old Scottish ballad, being The Life and Opinions of Herr Teufelsdröckh, in Three Books, by Thomas Carlyle. It may be described as a kind of philosophical romance, in which the author gives us, in the form of a review of a supposed German work on dress, and a notice of the writer, his opinions on things in general. The hero, it has been said, seems to be intended for a portraiture of human nature as affected by the moral influence to which a cultivated mind would be exposed by acquaintance with the transcendental philosophy of Fichte.