SCHOOLMEN. The title given to a class of learned theologians who flourished in the middle ages. They derive their name from the schools attached to the cathedrals or universities in which they lectured. The chief Schoolmen were, Albertus Magnus, a Dominican friar, died 1280, Bonaventure, surnamed the Seraphic  Doctor, born 1221, and died a cardinal. Thomas Aquinas, surnamed the Angelical  Doctor, born 1224, was a pupil of Albertus Magnus. John Duns Scotus, surnamed the Subtle  Doctor, was a Scotchman by birth, but educated in Paris. William Ocham, surnamed the Singular  Doctor, was born in Surrey, in England. He, too, like Scotus, was educated at the University of Paris, about the year 1300. Raymond Lully, born in Majorca, 1236. Durandus, surnamed the Most resolving  Doctor, Bishop of Meaux, 1318.