Small pox

 To Prevent Pitting after Small Pox

Spread a sheet of thin leather with the ointment of ammoniacum with mercury, and cut out a place for the mouth, eyes, and nostrils. This forms what is called a mask, and, after anointing the eyelids with a little blue ointment, it should be applied to the face, and allowed to remain for three days for the distinct kind, and four days for the running variety. Apply before  the spots fill with matter, although it will answer sometimes even after they have become pustulous. It may be applied to any part in the same way. 

 Another Method

Another method, and one more reliable, is that of touching every pustule, or poc, on the face or bosom with a camel-hair pencil dipped in a weak solution of lunar caustic (nitrate of silver ), made in the proportion of two grains of nitrate of silver to one ounce of distilled water. The time for application is about the seventh day, while each pustule is filled with a limpid fluid, or before suppuration takes place, the lotion arresting that action, and by preventing the formation of matter, saving the skin from being pitted; a result that follows from the conversion of the adipose tissue into pus. 

 A Third Method 

of effecting the same purpose is by passing a fine needle through each poc, when fully distended with lymph; the escape of the fluid averting, as in the other mode, the suppuration which would otherwise ensue. 

 Another Method (4)

A fourth and much more simple method of preventing pitting from small-pox is to lightly touch every part of the face with a feather dipped in sweet oil. It also tends to prevent this disfigurement to cause the light in the patient's apartment by day to assume a yellow tinge or colour, which may be easily managed by fitting the room with yellow or brownish yellow linen blinds.