Sulphuric ether 

 Compound Spirit of Sulphuric Ether 

Compound Spirit of Sulphuric Ether is a very useful stimulant, narcotic, and antispasmodic.

Used internally  in cases of great exhaustion, attended with irritability.

Dose , from half a drachm to two drachms, in camphor julep. When combined with laudanum, it prevents the nauseating effects of the opium, and acts more beneficially as a narcotic. 

 Sulphuric Ether 

Sulphuric Ether is used externally  both as a stimulant and a refrigerant. In the former case its evaporation is prevented by covering a rag moistened with it with oiled silk, in order to relieve headache; and in the latter case it is allowed to evaporate, and thus produce coldness: hence it is applied over scalded surfaces by means of rags dipped in it.

As a local application , it has been found to afford almost instant relief in earache, when combined with almond oil, and dropped into the ear.

It is used internally  as a stimulant and narcotic in low fevers and cases of great exhaustion.

Dose , from fifteen minims to half a drachm, repeated at short intervals, as its effects soon pass off. Give in a little camphor julep, or water.