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tetanus. Lock jaw. A very fatal disease due to the introduction of the bacillus tetanus into the tissues.

Tetanus. Tetanus is an infectious disease, invariably preceded by some injury. The wound may have been severe or it may have been so slight as to have attracted no attention.

The disease is commonest after punctured wounds or lacerated ones of the hands or feet, and before it appears, a wound is apt to suppurate or slough, but in some instances the wound is found soundly healed.

Tetanus is due to infection by a bacillus (first described by Nicolaier, and first cultivated by Kitasato), the toxic properties of which, absorbed from the infected area, poison the nervous system precisely as would dosing with strychnine.

Symptoms. The onset is usually within nine days of an accident. At first, the neck feels stiff and there is difficulty in swallowing, and then the jaw also becomes stiff. The neck becomes like an iron bar, and the jaws are rigid as steel. If the injury is on the foot, that extremity usually is found to be rigid. Opisthotonos is present and spasms are very marked. Swallowing in many cases is impossible. The mind is entirely clear until near the end, one of the worst elements of the disease.

Treatment. Careful antisepsis will banish it. Every wound must be disinfected with the most scrupulous care. Every punctured wound is to be incised to its depth and thoroughly cleaned and drained. Large doses of the bromide of potassium, at least sixty grains, should be given every four to six hours. Tetanus antitoxin should be given (5000 units), and repeated in twenty-four hours if no improvement is seen. Recently a saturated solution of magnesium sulphate has been given intraspinally, with very good results. In all suspicious cases, a prophylatic injection of tetanus antitoxin is to be recommended (1000 units).