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Timeline of the Spanish-American War (1898)


Name, Location and Date of Battle Commanders Casualties
United States Spanish
Killed Wounded Killed Wounded
THE ARMY      
 Guantanamo  (June 11-20, 1898)...6 16 ......
 Bombardment of Santiago  (June 22, 1898)...............
 Las Guasimas , Cuba (June 24, 1898)Gen. Wheeler  vs. Gen. Linares.16 50 28 124
 El Caney , Cuba (July 1, 1898)Gen. Lawton  and Gen. Chaffee vs. Gen. Vara de Rey.88 356 120 400
 San Juan , Cuba (July 1-3, 1898)...151 1,007 204 1,340
 Santiago , Cuba (July 10-12, 1898)Gen. Shafter.2 13 ......
 Santiago Campaign  (June 21 to July 17, 1898)Gen. Shafter  vs. Gen. Toral.260 1,341 ......
 Porto Rico Campaign  (July 25-28, 1898)Gen. Miles.3 40 ......
 The Reduction of Manila  (August 13, 1898)Gen. Merritt.17 106 ......
THE NAVY      
 Manila Bay , Philippine Islands (May 1, 1898).American Commander:Geo. Dewey.
Spanish Commander: Admiral Montijo.
American Casualties:
Seven  men slightly injured.
No  damage to ships.
Spanish Casualties:
All  ships destroyed. 450 men killed and wounded.
 American Vessels:
 Olympia, BaltimoreRaleighBostonConcordPetrel.
 Spanish Vessels:
 Reina  CristinaCastellaDon Antonio de UlloaIsla de LuzonIsla de CubaGeneral LezoMarquis de DueroCano VelascoIsla de MindanaoSandovalJosé GarciaLeyte  and torpedo boat Barcelona.
 Bombardment of Cienfuegos , Cuba (May 11, 1898).By torpedo boat Winslow.1 11 ......
 Bombardment of San Juan  (May 12, 1898)Admiral Sampson.1 7 ......
 Before Santiago  (July 3, 1898)American Commander:Winfield Schley.
Spanish Commander: Admiral Cervera.
American Casualties:
One  man killed.
Brooklyn  struck thirteen times, Texas once, but neither badly damaged.
All  ships destroyed, more than 600 men killed and wounded, and rest surrendered.
American Vessels:
Brooklyn, TexasOregonIowaGloucester.
Spanish Vessels:
Almirante, OquendoChristobal ColonVizcayaInfanta Maria Teresa, and torpedo boats Pluton  and Furor.
The total number of vessels captured from Spain during the war of 1898 was 58.