Tower Subway

The Tower Subway .—In the neighbourhood of the Tunnel a subway has been formed, consisting of an iron tube, 7 feet in diameter, laid below the bed of the Thames.  It belongs to a Limited Liability Company.  It was commenced in February, 1869, and opened for tramway traffic on 12th April, 1870.  Being a losing speculation, the tramway cars ceased to run on 7th December, 1870; but it was opened for foot-passengers on the 24th of that month, and it is the intention of the Company to continue it only as such.  It is reached at each end by a spiral staircase of 96 steps.  Its whole length is 1225 feet.  A charge of ½d. is made for each person passing through this Tunnel.  The Tunnel is well lighted up with gas, and the average heat by the thermometer is 65 degrees.