Take half an ounce of oil of turpentine, the yolk of one egg, and half a pint of gruel. Mix the turpentine and egg, and then add the gruel.

Use  as an anthelmintic. 


Take two ounces and a half of resin cerate, and melt it by standing the vessel in hot water, then add one ounce and a half of oil of turpentine, and mix.

Use  as stimulant to ulcers, burns, scalds, &c. 

 Oil of Turpentine

Oil of Turpentine is a diuretic, anthelmintic, and rubefacient.

It is used externally  in flatulent colic, sprinkled over flannels dipped in hot water and wrung out dry.

It is used internally  in the same diseases as Venice turpentine .

Dose , from five minims to two drachms.