Violet ray

The High Frequency Current, Or Violet Ray

The Violet Ray or High Frequency Current  is one which is in a rapid state of to-and-fro vibration and is applied through vacuum glass attachments or electrodes, which are excited to a beautiful violet color. The discharge may appear to the eye to be a single spark, but it is made up of a number of successive sparks, following each other with such extreme rapidity that they are said to oscillate (change directions) millions of times per second, a speed that the eye cannot note. The rapid oscillations have the effect of producing the following phenomena:

1. the high frequency current is unipolar, that is, does not require a complete circuit.

2. glass does not insulate the high frequency current as it does ordinary electricity.

3. the high frequency current generates enormous quantities of ozone during its flow.

4. the current does not produce any pain.

5. the high frequency current produces a cellular massage.

The contractile effect is expended upon the individual cells making up the tissues, instead of on individual muscles.

If a sedative effect is desired, keep the electrode in contact with the part; if a stimulating effect is desired, hold the electrode away from the surface; the farther away, the longer the spark.

A uniform spark of any length can be produced by administering the current through layers of toweling, or through the clothing; the length of the spark depends upon the thickness of the layers.

The use of the high frequency current in surgery is limited to sprains, stiff joints, neuritic pains, and adhesions due to inflammatory exudates. Fulguration for the destruction of growths is obtained by employing a pointed metal electrode.