n. The infancy of youth, the youth of manhood, the entire past of age.

  But yesterday I should have thought me blest
      To stand high-pinnacled upon the peak
      Of middle life and look adown the bleak
  And unfamiliar foreslope to the West,
  Where solemn shadows all the land invest
      And stilly voices, half-remembered, speak
      Unfinished prophecy, and witch-fires freak
  The haunted twilight of the Dark of Rest.
  Yea, yesterday my soul was all aflame
      To stay the shadow on the dial's face
  At manhood's noonmark!  Now, in God His name
      I chide aloud the little interspace
  Disparting me from Certitude, and fain
  Would know the dream and vision ne'er again.

Baruch Arnegriff

It is said that in his last illness the poet Arnegriff was attended at different times by seven doctors.