An empire of Eastern Africa, consisting of the Island of Zanzibar, and settlements along the coast from Cape Delgado as far as 3° north latitude. The limits of the Sultan's dominions inland are not known; but, beyond a few travel routes, his authority extends but a little way from the coast. The island has an area of 625 square miles, and a population variously estimated from 150,000 to 300,000. Population of the town of Zanzibar, 90,000; of Bagamoyo, on the opposite mainland, 10,000.

The religion of the country is Mohammedanism. Christian missions are established on the island and far into the mainland. Value of imports, 1882, $4,000,000; exports, $5,000,000. The exports are ivory, cloves, India rubber and gum. In 1882, 85 vessels, of 89,773 tons, entered the ports. The imports are chiefly cotton cloths, rice, cereals, kerosene oil and guns.

Map of Madagascar and Southeast Africa